Tenant Information


During our business hours, emergency maintenance must be called through to our office. All emergency repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, however, it is often necessary to obtain the landlords approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a time lag is sometimes unavoidable.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, we advise that the following can be considered urgent:

  • Burst Water Service
  • Gas Leak
  • Broken or Blocked Toilet
  • Serious Roof Leak
  • Dangerous Electrical Fault
  • Flooding or Flood Damage
  • Failure or Breakdown of the Gas
  • Serious Storm or Fire Damage
  • Electricity or Water Supply

In the case of an extreme emergency while our office is closed, please use the following tradesmen for the repair and email your Property Manager afterwards to advise. Do not call tradesmen if the issue is not an emergency or if the emergency occurs during our normal business hours. If you authorise after hours emergency tradesmen and the problem was not urgent or it could have waited until business hours, you will be liable for the cost of the call out.

PLUMBER: Six Miles South 0417 596 993 ELECTRICIAN: Mornington Peninsula Electrical  0418 957 407
CARPET / FLOODING: Metro Carpet Cleaning: 0407 550 297 LOCKSMITH: Lockmart 5975 9266
If you experience any severe weather conditions such as wild storms and/or flooding, please take into consideration that in these circumstances, services may be limited due to a large volume of people in crisis and not enough tradesmen to assist. This may mean tradesmen need to prioritise which situations require assistance and your property may not be attended to straight away. Do what you can to help prevent further damage to the property and your belongings until you are able to get assistance. Please note the SES can be contacted in these extreme circumstances however no tradesmen will get on a ladder/roof in severe or wet weather conditions. SES Ph: 132 500
Please upload below maintenance request form.